Hi. We’re lo-fi is sci-fi. This website is very much a work in progress. We’ll have more here soon.

All of the albums below are currently available at Bandcamp for whatever you’d like to pay.

We might play some shows this year. Stay tuned.

Thanks for listening and for being so patient with us. <3 Chris & Marc

This Silent Bloody Night

1. Blood for Dracula
2. Silent Night, Bloody Night
3. I Want to Change You
4. If You Think I Won’t Do This…
5. I Can See the Future
6. Oil on Glass
7. Then I Believe You
8. Behold! The New Design!
9. You’re Assuming the Gravity Wouldn’t Crush You Instantly
10. Phase IV

O Great Queen Electric, What Do You Have Waiting for Me?

1. Time Life
2. I Can Be Your Love
3. We Start the Cure in Paris
4. I’m On a Talk Show
5. If Only She Knew
6. I Do It Cause It’s Right
7. God’s Will
8. Psycho II
9. Joss Whedon

We Were Wrong

1. Technology
2. The Script You Wrote is Terrible
3. Jimmy Prefers to Freelance
4. Learn to Submit
5. You Are a Pipe
6. Deep Red
7. You Are Not Afraid of Me (I Am Not Afraid of You)
8. Interactive

The Black Hole

1. You’ve Got the Body + I’ve Got the Brains
2. March to the Sky
3. I Will Take You Home
4. It Seems Like I Was Just Here
5. Song About Ghosts + Family
6. Set This Thing on Fire
7. I’m Not Through With You
8. It’s All Around You
9. The Stars Are Closer Than You
10. Grandfather